200 thoughts on “How to get a FREE Minecraft PREMIUM ACCOUNT (WORKS 100% LEGIT) – Free Minecraft Premium Accounts”

  1. HyperMC on the first day I tried it it worked but then when i put the account in again the other day it didnt and I have generated 2 more accounts that dont work. And are you using the real minecraft launcher?

  2. I !find! a working! version$ activator, last [email protected],@ plus.google.com/107983146447862522308/posts/Tmz1FRUqSsh

  3. IT DOESN'T WORK i want my premium acc name:ThanosGameGR
    sent e-mail on me for the password my e-mail:[email protected]

  4. Hey dude, I was wondering if your wanna colab on minecraft and you could add me on skype (Elite_Gamingx) and I just deleted my videos today because I will be making new ones Peace Out!

  5. It worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Man u are the best best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But you could show me how to change the name i would share this video to almost everyone =)

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