MINECRAFT: How To build A survival House | Best survival House 2016 -2017 ( Hd ) Tutorial – Best Minecraft Tutorials

► Minecraft survival house tutorial!!!

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►Underground base and Wooden House Tutorial

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163 thoughts on “MINECRAFT: How To build A survival House | Best survival House 2016 -2017 ( Hd ) Tutorial – Best Minecraft Tutorials”

  1. I like this a lot this house gosh…just look hmm let me see perfect that is the word I'm looking for btw man love your video's hope one day you reach million subs and get that russian guy get what he need for stealing other people hard work I'm with you man peac

  2. Daily builds, daily ideas you put so much hard work into it man, it's incredible to see. Don't let that piece of crap, no creativity, SOB knock you man, hope karma pays his ass a visit.

  3. Just a quick question…. I have subbed and would love to build this house in survival. But roughly how many stacks of resources are needed?? Doesn't need to be exact just a rough rounded number

  4. I'm a little late to this but this is a very good build but like in one of your other builds with the birch walls spruce or dark oak goes much better then oak becayse it's contrast

  5. You go so fast and you say you have bad internet so you need to go fast so you can upload them but I think most people would rather upload a good and easy to follow tutorial that this crap

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