Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make Squidwards House – Best Minecraft Tutorials

Sorry about the interior. Couldn’t do it.

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200 thoughts on “Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make Squidwards House – Best Minecraft Tutorials”

  1. XD I had 2 cows jun in mine now theres only one? XD where didit go I looked around tinking I missed a block XD I guess cows like squidward XD anyone have the same thing happen??
    it left the door way the same way too XD

  2. Anybody else think this guy talks too much? I mean don't get me wrong hes good. But he could shave like five or ten minutes off the video if he didn't talk as much. Thats just my opinion though so dont worry about it

  3. that was hard to make and it looked good ata first but then when you started to so the brow I must up right there and on the other parts then I made the brow on the wrong side of the house then I made the ears in the wrong side to that's what massed it up thanks for the great vid

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