1v1 LUCKY BLOCK WALLS! (RED vs BLUE) Minecraft Mods – Best Minecraft Mods


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  2. What happened to not opening ALL lucky blocks especially that comes from lucky blocks? I did love watching the year old video when this was really in! They followed their own rules and seemed challenging and fun at the same time! Now, it seems laid back and uninteresting.´╗┐

  3. imba up coming youtuber with a lot of ideas! I consiter myself really funny and not a consaela XD u already have some videos up!! me and my brother are planning a Minecraft roleplay and letsplay! ibalso have a short haul/vlog/storytime video im planing on uploading soon! so it would be a big help if you subscribe!!!! become a panda and become pandalishious!!´╗┐

  4. Preston the link for your texture pack you put on your last factions vid wasn't a link to download the texture pack it was a vid of you getting a knife in csgo. Guys if you want his texture pack like the comment´╗┐

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