How To Get Minecraft Premium For Free 2016 |100% Legal|New Method | Ashtonmatic360 – Free Minecraft Premium Accounts


How To Get Minecraft Premium For Free/Play On Premium Servers For Free On Cracked Minecraft Video By [AM3]Ashtonmatic360YT
Hope You Liked This Video And Yes If U Have No Money For Premium Then Y Not Get Premium This Way? And Play Premium Minecraft Servers As Saw Here!

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Minecraft Wurst:
Cracked Minecraft:

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129 thoughts on “How To Get Minecraft Premium For Free 2016 |100% Legal|New Method | Ashtonmatic360 – Free Minecraft Premium Accounts”

  1. Nice video though I thought I would get a private account also I cant get on Mineplex as it says banned 🙁 But, thanks for the great tut bro atleast I can play on many other servers I left A like and Subscribed 😀 Don't let hate comments get to you there just mad and jelous that you like to share with others that have mums like me who wont put there cards in online another method ;)

  2. Here is a song that I made for you guys that are watching this video:

    Players, players
    You've just watched this video
    you know that getting a premium account for free is super impossible.
    So please so please
    just buy the freakin game!!!

  3. Hey please take the time to read this:
    Hello my name is John and I dream of becoming big on YouTube and take my friends with me. They all own Minecraft and I do not therefore i am being left out and unable to record Minecraft with them. If you have an unwanted Minecraft premium account that will allow me to play online with my friends please send me the sign in details to the email below. If someone does send me an account i promise i will give a massive shout out at the start and end of the video. If you made it this far thanks for taking the time to read, if you are still seeing this comment it means i have not yet gotten Minecraft so any donation would be appreciated. Thank you for reading.

    E-Mail to send account to: [email protected]
    If you do send an account just leave a reply so i can take of this comment. Thanks again.

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