Minecraft Mods – COLOSSAL CHESTS! ★ FoolCraft, Ep.3 – Best Minecraft Mods

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119 thoughts on “Minecraft Mods – COLOSSAL CHESTS! ★ FoolCraft, Ep.3 – Best Minecraft Mods”

  1. Oii mate on Australia's behalf, we do not accept that type of bs. If you wanna act strayan, you must perform a sacred ritual known as a shoey! Only then you guns n meaty will you be accepted.

  2. The rose gold is used in minecraft comes alive mod in which you can have a wife and kids if u find a village which u can make ur kids mine and hunt for you it's pretty cool you should look into it more

  3. Im pretty sure with tinkers u could get unbreakable tools. It will be a little later till u can make em but u use Magical wood for all the parts giving u 8/9 modifiers once crafted, then adding as many obsidian plates to get re-enforced as u want. 5 should be enough. Just have the replacement part ready eg cobolt pickaxe head .Using this method can give u super weapons also with sharpness X :P. Forgive the grammer :).

  4. OMD!!!! THEY HAVE THE PET MOD IN THIS!!! COLLECET THEM AND THEY GIVE YOU POWER UPS. You can find like an octopus in small ocean dungeons along the shore, there are also some in chests in trees. PLEASE search for them.

  5. hey guys like if you agree. don't you just hate when they past any mineral if I were there I would not leave anything not even copper, coal, iron, tin and others I would leave nothing just in case you need it in the future

  6. Guys the colossal chest has to be 16 by 16 and the colossal chest is just gonna be a big chest and it needs nothing in the the thing just a big 16 by 16 colossal chest wall and you need to put the core anywhere in the wall and you need the colossal interface too and you have to put it anywhere in the of the colossal chest wall and if you did that you guys will have a huge amount of space that you can put your things in. I wish I helped… 😀

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