Minecraft: SMARTEST MOVING!! (SLIDING, CLIMBING, LEAPING, & MO – Best Minecraft Guides

This Command gives you realistic movement!!
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Smart Moving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWGvNyO7du8

Creator: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRedEng

Thumbnail Art By Agustin King: http://novask.in/w/saltan

In this 1.11 Smart Moving Custom Command:
This Minecraft Command changes the way you move in Minecraft to make it more realistic! You can now leap over fences, slider under blocks, climb walls, & super jump!

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200 thoughts on “Minecraft: SMARTEST MOVING!! (SLIDING, CLIMBING, LEAPING, & MO – Best Minecraft Guides”

  1. I subscribed when you guys were doing the vacation parkour map, and you guys have grown so much since then. I love what you guys do, making me laugh and smile whenever I watch you. And thanks to Pat for commenting to so many people, and making their days brighter. I think you guys should play another parkour map so you can show the new subscribers Jen's amazing parkour skills. 😂 Thanks from everyone . Your subscriber, Kyra Wise ❤️

  2. I love your channel! You always make me smile, and make my frown go upside down! I subbed and liked (obviously, who wouldnt?!) because its the least I can do after you bring me such joy! 🙂 (Also, the title says & MO instead of & MORE xD Have a great day!)

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